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    3/20/2018 - 6:00 PM   ASHI CPR/AED Training
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                                                            Church History

    The earliest records of the Boones Mill Baptist church were either lost or misplaced so this early history has been constructed from the memory of some of the oldest members of the period covered, at least prior to 1920.

    Rev. John Lee Taylor, Pastor of the Fairmont Baptist Church, which was the only active Baptist Church in Franklin County at the time, organized the Boones Mill Baptist Church in February 1878. He was called as the first pastor and immediately launched a campaign for funds with which to construct a church building. The effort was successful and the building was erected on a lot given by Mr. Isaac H. Boone and Mr. John William Angell. The building was completed in the Fall of 1878.

    An eight-room Sunday School annex was completed in 1933 under the leadership of Rev. George W. Ferrell. A basement, furnace, new piano, and pulpit furniture were added in the 1940’s during the pastorate of Rev. L. C. Hall.

    Under the leadership of Rev. T. Threatt who came to the church in November 1950, the church grounds and cemetery were greatly improved and beautified. The basement was converted into Sunday School classrooms and a Social Hall. Through a generous bequest of Mr. Walter L. Boone, a baptistery was installed and the oak paneling was placed at the front of the auditorium.

    In December 1955, the church sold its old parsonage. Early in 1956 work begun on a new seven room parsonage near the church. This was built on land given by Mrs. L. C. Montgomery, a granddaughter of Mr. Isaac Boone who gave the land on which to build the church. This was dedicated debt free soon after its occupancy by Rev. T. Threatt in May 1956.

    In 1964, the church purchased a lot (1.9 acres) with long range plans for building a new church. In January 1967, Rev. T. Threatt resigned as pastor and the church secured the services of Rev. Luther R. Vann to act as interim pastor. Rev. A. B. Greene, Jr. served as pastor from the summer of 1969 to the summer of 1970. In August 1970, Rev. James A. Wood became the pastor.

    In 1972, additional land (4.7 acres) was purchased; joining the lot purchased in 1964. All of this land was in a new location from the church. In December 1973, the new church was started. It was completed and occupied on the last Sunday in June 1974.

    The new building and land cost about $152,000. Many individual gifts were given such as pews and windows (as memorials). The kitchen was given by the original WMU. The Bible Study WMU gave tables and nursery equipment. The baptistry picture was removed from the old church and installed in the new church. The new building included a study for the minister, two nursery rooms, eleven classrooms, office for the secretary, five restrooms, and auditorium that seats 280 and a fellowship hall with a full kitchen. In November 1975, the bell from the old church was removed and mounted in the steeple of the new church.

    In January 1976, the Boones Mill Baptist Church and the Fairmont Baptist Church divided with each becoming full-time. Rev. James A. Wood assumed full-time duties at the Boones Mill Baptist Church. Shortly after this, a note was paid making the parsonage, which had belonged to both churches; belong to the Boones Mill Baptist Church.

    In 1977, the old church building was dismantled and the ground was filled in. The building had stood for 99 years. On December 2, 1977, the church was given two parcels of land adjoining the church property by Mr. Thomas L. Lester. This makes the church property consist of 6.6 acres. In October 1984, the church purchased the house and lot of Mr. Wilsie O. Peters.

    In July, 1984, Mr. Michael Woody was hired as our first full-time Directory of Education, Youth & Family Ministries.

    Pastor James A. Wood resigned in December 1985 and the church secured the services of Rev. Charles A. Watkins as interim pastor. James H. Steele became pastor on January 1, 1987. Rev. Steele and his family purchased the parsonage in the fall of 1987. Rev. Steele resigned January 1, 2007 and the church secured the services of Rev. Patrick Collins as interim pastor.

    Pastors who have served Boones Mill Baptist Church since its organization are: Rev. John Lee Taylor, Rev Gabriel Wheeler, Rev. J. E. Poteet, Rev. J.W. Wade, Rev. H. H. Martens, Rev. W. P. Brooks, Rev. S. P. Moses, Rev. George W. Ferrell, Rev. L. W. Gammon, Rev. W. S. Tilman, Rev. L. C. Hall, Rev. T. Threatt, Rev. Luther R. Vann (interim), Rev. A. B. Greene, Jr., Rev. James A Wood, Rev. Charles A. Watkins, (interim), Rev. James Steele, Pastor Patrick Collins (interim), and currently, Dr. Richard Harrell.

    Directors of Christian Education Youth & Family Ministries who have served Boones Mill Baptist Church are: Michael Woody, Sandra Blackburn, Sherry Guill.

    Associate Pastors who have served Boones Mill Baptist Church:
    Jon Oberdick, David Shultz.

    Youth & Children's Minister:  David Saleeba joined us June 2008.

    Interim Pastor: Pastor Patrick Collins served us for 1 1/2 years until July 2008 when Dr. Richard Harrell was called to lead us.